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Name:Translation, Icon and Art Community
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Community description:Graphics and Icons Community
Icons and Art
All icons and graphics on this community are free to take, with or without credit. Everything is made by [personal profile] randomsnarfle.

For fanart icons, please try to credit the original artist if possible! Otherwise, link them to this community so they can find the original artist.

Please do not alter or edit doujinshi without permission from the artists. This includes adding filters and affects to images and reposting them with your own credit/username on the front. Please do not do this!

Please do not share any doujinshi that is locked to this community outside of this community. Anyone is free to join, but as I am only providing a free translation, I don't want the artist's work to be spread without their permission.

Any work that is not locked can be found freely on Pixiv. Should it be removed or hidden on Pixiv, it will be locked. As of right now, all doujinshi posted here can be found freely online. I'm just providing a translation so English speaking fans may enjoy them as well.

Please do not claim my translations as your own.

Scanlations for officially published manga and doujinshi (certified by Namco Bandai in Japan) will not be locked. However, please buy the official books if you are able! I will not post scans of any manga that can be easily purchased in the US.
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