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Tales of the Abyss Original Manga: Chapter 30


Summary: With the plan to safely lower the outerlands underway, the party heads for Baticul for one last shot at salvaging the peace treaty between Kimlasca and Malkuth. But will they be able to convince King Ingobert before Mohs can interfere once more?

Initially published in Dengeki Maoh from 2005 to 2011, this is the first Tales of the Abyss manga that was written, and follows the entire story of the game with some minor adaption changes. Expect more chapters to come in the coming months! The first 23 chapters comprising the first four volumes can be found in English on Wings of an Angel.

Chapter 30
Download (Preview)


Artist/Author: Rei
Scans: [tumblr.com profile] randomsnarfle
Translation/Scanlation: [personal profile] randomsnarfle
Cross-posted on: Tumblr [x]

Thank you for looking!

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