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All prices are for up to two characters in a single scene. Additional characters incur an additional cost.
✰ Payment can be in the form of money (via paypal) or DW points!
✰ Please allow at least 2 weeks before asking about the status of your commission! I'll try to get things done before that, but especially for the larger pieces, they do take quite a bit of time.  
✰ All prices are negotiable! Let me know what you want and we'll work something out!

Commissions are currently: CLOSED!

Pencil Sketch
10 DW Points (additional characters +10 points each)
[Headshot] [Waist-up] [Full-body]
A sketch done on pencil and paper. 

Digital Sketch
30 points (additional characters +10 points each)
[Waist-up] [Full-body]
A sketch done digitally with SAI. Slightly cleaner than pencil sketches, but not as clean as linearts.

Digitally Inked
50 points (additional characters +30 points each)
[Black Lineart] [Color Lineart]
Inked with SAI. Will include original Sketch and PSD files by request.

Digitally Colored
100 points (additional characters +50 points each)
[Example 1] [Example 2]
Inked and colored with SAI. Plain backgrounds or transparent backgrounds only.

Digitally Colored + background
250 points (additional characters +50 points each)
[Simple Background] [Complex Background]
Fully inked and colored in SAI with simple or complex backgrounds.

How to Request a Commission
Payment will be made only after I've finished the job! Please don't send me any points before then!
✰ Please be sure to include what kind of commission you would like, and any details you would like to have included (poses, outfits, background if applicable, etc).
 If you're unhappy with how something came out, I'll redraw it free of charge or provide a refund. However, you will not receive the PSD or original files in the case of a refund.

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